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Pronounced GUI, it is the name of Indian butter, also known as clarified butter, gourmet butter, butter oil or BUTTER OIL.   
It is the traditional source of lipids in Indian food and has a unique flavor.
It is clarified butter free of all milky residues, lactose free and moisture free, for this reason, it takes longer than regular butter to lose its freshness.   
Ghee has a delicate flavor and occupies a prominent position in Indian cuisine, being essential for most preparations and frying. In addition to its culinary use, GHEE is also used as a carrier in many Ayurvedic formulas and also widely used in Ayurvedic therapies and in Yoga practice to massage the body.   
In Brazil it is still a novelty that grows every day, increasingly sought after in natural and health food stores, ghee has been gaining ground.   
GHEE is made with premium quality unsalted butter over a low heat and is cooked for hours until it gets just right, which is transparent and honey colored. 
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