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Preparation tips:

Preparation suggestion to make 500ml of warm CHAI.

1 -  Boil 250ml of water + 250ml of milk of good origin or vegetable milk of your choice.

2 - Reduce the heat and add 1 dessert spoon (6g) of Chai (if you prefer it stronger, add a little more).

3 - Sweeten to taste and boil a little, turn off and wait a few minutes to decant the tea powder.

4 - If you prefer, you can also strain through a fine sieve.

5 - Ready! Help yourself and experience this feeling.


Preparation suggestion to make 500ml of chilled CHAI.


Make 500ml of pineapple tea with apple and boil together 1 tablespoon of CHAI. Strain, sweeten to taste, let it freeze and try this delight :-)

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